Yesterday, Wednesday 20 October 2013, Postal Organizations all around the world celebrated the World Post Day.

This anniversary is celebrated every year to commemorate the establishment of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) on October 9th 1874.

The Universal Postal Union consists of 192 Postal Services, among which the Hellenic Post, one of its founding members.

On the occasion of the World Post Day, Mr. Costis Melachrinos, President of the Executive Committee and Managing Director of the Hellenic Post pointed out:

“The Hellenic Post constitutes an indispensable part of Greek society, by rendering significant social and economical services to individuals and businesses.

We may be the only Greek organization that comes face to face with its customers on a daily basis and the trust that has been established between our employees and the public through tradition defines our future course.

The Hellenic Post is modernized and is constantly expanding its services and adding new products, playing a key role in the new era of free postal market.

3.000 postmen and women cover every day 133.000 km, which equals three times the perimeter of the earth, in order to distribute mail. Within 2012 forty million customers visited the Hellenic Post network of branches and agencies.

One million pensioners and allowance beneficiaries use the Hellenic Post services every month. The Hellenic Post celebrates the World Post Day proudly, as it is among the founding members of the vast international network of the UPU and is still an organization of vital importance in Greece, indispensable for our country’s economic growth and social cohesion”.

In his speech about the World Post Day, the General Director of the Universal Postal Union Mr. Bissar A. Hussein sent a characteristic message: “The Post truly constitutes a public service for every citizen, regardless of his or her social status.

With more than 600.000 postal agencies worldwide, postal services are accessible and all inclusive. Nobody is refused service. On October 9th, the World Post Day, I invite the governments to be reminded of the potential of their national postal organizations, which offer significant social and economical services to their citizens and companies.

In conclusion, I salute the devotion of the 5 plus million postal employees worldwide, who work hard to keep individuals and companies connected, every day and everywhere”.