In order to provide dependable and timely information to all Hellenic Post employees, the Federation has elaborated and published the “Insurance Guide for Hellenic Post Employees”, which is a useful tool that answers many questions related to insurance and pension issues that concern our colleagues.

This Guide aims to provide you with accurate and detailed information on your rights, so that you will be able to avoid errors that deprive you of them.

In the introduction of the Insurance Guide, POST's President Mr. Giorgos Vassilopoulos, points out:


Our time is characterized by continuous and at the same time out-of-control flow of news and pieces of information that cause a lot of confusion and disorientation and fuel doubt and insecurity.

These problems have become more intense within the current circumstances, the suffocating economic landscape and the constantly increasing pressure on our social and economic needs.

The various consecutive legal measures regarding insurance issues have resulted in a great problem: the state's incapacity to provide direct and clear information.

As a consequence, POST often has the task to answer the employees' questions and assuage their panic.

Our Federation, being fully aware of the severity of issues such as pension, welfare, health care etc and because of our particular sensitivity regarding matters of social insurance, the employees' access to accurate and timely information is our priority.

For this reason, we deemed it necessary to publish this “Insurance Guide for Hellenic Post Employees” in which we codified all the specialized legal framework, so that every employee understands his/her insurance rights and the relevant terms and conditions, how much time is needed for retirement and how to calculate main and additional pension.


We know that retirement is one of the most important decisions in one's life. It's a decision that each one of us has to make taking into consideration his/her own criteria while our syndicate has the aim to assist its members by offering them the necessary information.

Parallel to this course of action, we aim to defend our rights and fight in order to secure them and to expand our conquests, continuing our battles on all fronts, at the service of the Hellenic Post and its employees”.


Giorgos Vassilopoulos

President of POST