We inform you that the fixed-term contracts for employment of temporary personnel by the Hellenic Post have at last been approved and the relevant procedures will start immediately according to the provisions of law 2190/94, so as to put an end to the difficulties that the Hellenic Post has been facing in terms of services and revenue, due to the lack of personnel.

At long last the competent officers, after the Federation's laborious efforts, have comprehended that the Hellenic Post must be staffed with adequate personnel.

Thus our long-standing claim to cover vacant organic posts at the post offices and the distribution units all over the country has been satisfied.


The issue of the Hellenic Post staffing has always been and still is crucial for the Organization's mission and future.

Our Syndicate has always aimed to molding a modern, effective and viable Post Organization, which will offer high quality and easily accessible services and which will cater to the Greek citizens all over the country; in order to achieve that, we need adequate staff.

Many post offices are understaffed due to the expiration of fixed-term work contracts or the retirement of colleagues. This situation has caused a series of malfunction problems, among which the fact that in many regions the sight of a postman or woman is a rare occurrence.

The Postman has “disappeared” from many neighborhoods and consequently the delivery of mail is significantly delayed, in certain areas by one week to 10 days, while at some post offices the waiting time for the customers is more than one and a half hours.

The Hellenic Post cannot remain understaffed.

This is an issue pertaining to social orientation and the reliability of the Organization's services.


We remain immovable in our claim for a legal framework that will allow the Hellenic Post's Executive Committee to make decisions, within its budget, about hiring temporary personnel with fixed-term contracts according to the provisions of article 21 of law 2190/94, given that the flow of our services and our administrative operation presents great seasonal variations within the period of one year. Lets not forget that law 3185/2003 has excluded the Hellenic Post from the possibility to employ temporary personnel after approval of the three jointly responsible Ministers.

Employment of adequate staff constitutes a crucial issue for the Hellenic Post's future and viability, linked to the Organization's role in Greek society.

We, the employees of the Hellenic Post, have always fought and are still fighting in order to create the necessary prospects to secure the growth of the Organization and the future of its employees.

We will keep on defending the Hellenic Post's mission in Greek society as well as its Pan-Hellenic presence.

We will keep on claiming better prospects and a brighter future.