At the café “Hellas”

The illusionist sells his tricks cheap

The chains trick is free

The death leap's only two drachmas

….............Come on, people, come.

A tear costs two eggs

And three drachmas, come on, people, come.

So come on, people….... come to the café “Hellas”.

The lines of the old song describe today's situation.

Greece is in the intensive care unit and the European elite seeks to take us off life support.

The latest European directive demands the restructuring of our defense industry in exchange for the remaining sum of this summer's installment.

What does this mean?

That there will have to be liquidation and shrinkage procedures in the Hellenic Vehicle Industry (in Greek: ΕΛ.Β.Ο.), the Hellenic Defense Systems (in Greek: Ε.Α.Σ.) and the General Mining and Metallurgical Company (in Greek: ΛΑΡΚΟ), due to the privatization or closing of the above organizations.

That another 2250 employees will be laid off without severance pay.

And imagine, we were asked to do all that via an e-mail!

An e-mail by a Matthias Mors, who demands the restructuring, selling off or the closing of the Greek defense industry as well as more layoffs.

“Respectfully”, as he wrote at the end.

E-mail is the new means through which we now receive our orders from the European officials; it is how decisions regarding our lives are being made.

This is Greece today.

This is evidence of our depressing state, our helplessness.

Companies are closing, employees are being laid off, the Greek economy is heading towards total disintegration and the income of the working class has shrunk by 45% in three years; our country is blighted by poverty and political and social instability, which, for the Troika officials, equal to “structural improvement”.

What does this mean for the government?

Do all the above constitute the Prime Minister's famed success story, could they be the light at the end of the tunnel? Are they the answer which will lead us to the economic growth and will allow us once again access to the markets, according to the news the mass media are bombarding us with?

Yes, for the governing officials all those glorified terms and announcements are the answer to our problems, even though they are always accompanied by the shrinking of our income, our lives, our dreams, our future.

A future which is predetermined as uncertain.

To all this we say no, destruction cannot be an answer!

Troika's restructuring plans are neither viable nor realistic.

We will not be able to survive if Troika raises new demands in order to grant us each remaining fraction of an installment or each new installment.

Our lives cannot be determined by an e-mail.

We can no longer live under the threat of layoffs, exclusions or sell offs.

We can no longer take it.

The need for short periods of respite, the need to live free from apprehension is imperative.

We have to put an end to all this, before there comes a time when each one of us receives a personal e-mail.