With the signing of the HELLENIC POST Collective Employment Agreement 2013-2014 and the decision to implement the immediate action plan, we marked the beginning of a specific dynamic course of action for the next 18 months, the results of which will determine the future of the HELLENIC POST and its employees.

As we mentioned in our previous announcement, we have to start implementing immediately all those decisions that will help prevent deficits, keep the expenses under control and increase earnings, through the development of new services.

From the very first moment we knew that those agreements and decisions would displease all those who have been waiting for an opportunity to make a profit at the expense of the national postal services, those who have always been hostile against the achievements of the employees in the area of their labor rights and, of course, those who exploit on a permanent basis the employees’ problems, by investing on their multiplication.

Even before the Collective Employment Agreement was put into effect, they raised a question which has been answered long ago: whether or not the HELLENIC POST falls under chapter A of law 3429, which would mean that the uniform salary and employee ranking scale would apply, or if the provisions of chapter B are applicable in its case. As we said, this question has been answered with well-founded arguments by all those in charge, the Administration of the HELLENIC POST included.

However, since the stirring of the above issue has shed light on the intentions and efforts of certain internal and external factors to implement provisions of various laws that have nothing to do with the HELLENIC POST, our Federation has taken and is currently still taking all the necessary legal and political steps so that even the most skeptical will comprehend that, according to the legal framework in force, the HELLENIC POST falls under chapter B of law 3429, therefore the uniform salary scale and employee ranking scale cannot and should not apply in its case.


This issue is of paramount importance not only for our working force but also for the future prospect of the HELLENIC POST. The only ones who benefit from the continuous mention of it are the profit-making interests and those who serve them. Thus, we have to remain vigilant and to fortify our legal arsenal, by keeping everyone informed and closely following the developments.

This is the truth, however much it may displease those who were quick to rejoice malevolently at the difficult economic – and not only – position our colleagues and our company would be put into, should the provisions of chapter A of law 3429 be applied on the HELLENIC POST. Those are the same people who on one hand demanded the immediate signing of the Collective Employment Agreement and on the other refused to agree to sign it; they are the same people who reproduce through media unfounded information and present themselves as commentators of the developments, while at the same time refuse to acknowledge the truth.

Within this framework, they were eager to propagate through media information about mass layoffs of HELLENIC POST employees, even about a shutdown following the example of the Greek National Television (ΕΡΤ), but in the end they did not convince anybody. The only thing left for them to do now is to predict the demise of all postal services and to rule against the HELLENIC POST. Those practices can only be characterized as political and unionist perversion. Why indeed would they angle for causing the employees to panic?


All the forces of our movement are joined in the effort to save the HELLENIC POST and the conquests of the employees.

The agitated political and administrative environment we live in should give us cause to keep fighting. Each one of us should be mobilized within the union; we ought to have a clear plan of action, determination and effectiveness, to fight with all our might in order to save the HELLENIC POST from the crisis and to prevent any effort to implement policies and decisions that are against the best interest of the national postal services and the future of its employees. The Government has to understand that the HELLENIC POST is an enterprise and as such, in order to be competitive, it should be allowed to follow the rules of the market and not be subjected to governmental accounting and legal provisions as those of chapter A of law 3429, which hinder its productivity.

In this difficult path and period of time, we call all employees to keep their cool when dealing with the above issues, which are still developing, the resolution of which we are constantly negotiating.

We call all employees to ignore all “experts” in retirement issues as well as all rumors and unfounded information and to avoid deciding to retire in a state of panic; you should only make this decision based on your family plan.

The prospects of the HELLENIC POST and the protection of the employees’ rights are matters of such importance that should only be supported through institutional, clear and solid positions.