Dear colleagues,

At an era that conquests and data won after long struggles, are overturned, when everyday decisions, laws and decrees nullify rights and industrial relations, it is natural for insecurity to dominate the work and family lives of every employee.

The Post is not a cut islet of the Greek society and the Hellenic Post is no exception. Especially when in our workplace there are strong phenomena of hot air, misinformation and targeted methodical rumors.

At the time there is a terribly unacceptable situation that victimizes the workers. Those who are responsible are the ones who for their own reasons formulate and sustain an environment of insecurity but we can not neglect the fact that some workers are unacceptably susceptible to accepting any unreliable information and updates.

The Panhellenic Federation of Postal Associations has by any means officially informed both the institutions of the trade union movement and the workers.

There is no excuse for any reflection on the strength of the institutional framework and collective agreements.

It is clear and beyond any doubt that by the end of 2013 there is no questioning over the validity of the Institutional Framework.

The milestone dates related to both the 05/14/2012 and the 14/05/2013 are not related to the institutional framework of the Hellenic Post.

The first date, 14/05/2012 concerns those collective agreements that had expired or terminated on 14/02/2012 and thus does not affect our own collective agreement that was in power.

The second date, 14/05/2013 concerns collective agreements  that on 14/02/2012 were valid for a period greater than 24 months and in accordance with the Cabinet Act expire on 14/02/2013 and their power aftereffect goes until 14/05/2013. Neither this date concerns our collective agreement because we signed a newer one on 27/12/2010 that is valid until 27/12/2013. Beyond this, however, we also signed another collective agreement in 2011 which is still in force.

Consequently there is no legal basis to challenge the validity of the institutional framework of the Hellenic Post and the collective agreement, like authoritative legal opinions confirm.

Dear Colleagues

The problem of Post and its employees does not focus on the strength of the institutional framework and the end of the aftereffect as the various off-center authorities artfully try to convince us.

The main problem is the future, the prospect and viability of the Hellenic Post.

In this direction, we intensify our efforts and negotiations to sign a new Collective Labour Agreement through which we defend the rights and conquests, won with struggles, while we support the sustainability of the Hellenic Post through key decisions that are to be taken immediately.

We monitor the economic and social environment as it stands, we record the developments in the international and domestic postal market and intervene while promoting positions and proposals for solving the problems of the Post.

Our steady position and our interventions prevented the installation of a new administration in KEK ELTA (Vocational Training Center of the Hellenic Post S.A.) and ended to the planning for the revival of an unacceptable clientelistic system.

We insist on the absorption of the Hellenic Post’s Courier by the Hellenic Post and whoever reacts can be assured that the employees will impose their positions because it serves the interests of the Hellenic Post.

We are consistent in the race track that we have designed and decided together.

The efforts to streamline the operation and adjustment of the Hellenic Post in the new environment will have the seal and support of the employees otherwise they will not bring positive results. With planning, co-ordination, efficiency and effective participation of the employees, we will support the sustainability of the Post in the new postal unfavorable environment that has been formed.

Whatever scenarios are being distributed and serve various considerations must not distract the employees.

Our colleagues, who face the dilemma to retire or not, must decide calmly and with the sole criterion of their individual and family’s planning. They should not give any scope to be affected by rumors and they should ignore any terrorist scenarios.

We do not get disorientated from the target that we have set, a target that we serve consistently and effectively over the years.

The sustainability and the prospect of the Hellenic Post and the rights of the employees remain the priority of our struggles.