The last semester, the Hellenic Post was moved by the force of inertia and the patriotism of the employees, as the responsible were exclusively involved in the process of changing the management of the Hellenic Post, a process that began in September and was concluded in February! They were never preoccupied with solving the problems of the post office, problems that were intensified and culminated with the postal market linearization, which although legislated in March 2012, so far the necessary decisions that will determine the operational framework are not issued.

Thus, the Hellenic Post has undertaken the enormous cost of the lost revenue, let alone the recession and the decline of the postal work which has been literally stolen by the competitive firms

Today, three months after the beginning of "liberation", the decisions over the calculation of the cost of universal service and the way to overcome it, remain unpublished. The private courier companies operate in the Universal Service sector without any control, without conditions and rules and more importantly, without contributing to the cost of the universal service.

The postal market operates uncontrollably. There is no control in the compliance of competition rules because there are no rules.

At the same time, the state and public bodies from 1.1.2013 should have signed contracts through a competitive tendering. No competition was ever proclaimed as there was no institutional framework and today this situation fully corresponds to a decline in revenues of the Hellenic Post.

The unique public contract extension (Ministry of Finance) and only till the first half of 2013, does not solve any problem, on the contrary, it displaces it  for the second semester, when it will be more acute.

It is now known that considering the developed situation, no public entity will ever be able to launch a competition for its mail distribution, which is to be completed within a reasonable time in the next few months.

The Panhellenic Federation of Postal Associations (P.O.S.T.) has highlighted the problems since 2012, immediately after the enactment of the 4053 law and with continued representations claimed the issue of regulatory decisions.

Unfortunately those in charge were making a show of doing other things.

With this practice, followed both by the Hellenic Telecommunications and Post Commission (EETT), the Hellenic Post is led to marginalization, depreciation and an operations deficit, while other companies exploit the profitable market segments against the Hellenic Post and the citizens.

But this is not the only negative impact to the Hellenic Post from the Government’s policy.

The Government with its decisions undermines overall the progress and status of the Public Post.

Some of these unacceptable and dangerous policies:

• Although they decided to appoint in the Hellenic Post, as well as in other SOEs a person who will act as Chairman of the Board and CEO, suddenly they appointed another member of the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Post as an executive member with the promise to establish and assign for him the position of the Vice President as well.

• The diarchy, the competitions and the mismanagement in the Hellenic Post have created huge problems in the past.

• The selection of a "executive vice president" with superpowers and very high fees, except the fact that it was unprecedented, legally controlled and typically invalid it also reveals their intentions.

Avoiding the operating deficit both of the Hellenic Posta and the Group as a whole is a strategic choice for workers and they have greatly contributed to this end. They have sacrificed their income, deposited their surplus of forces, given and continue to give in a daily basis their best to keep the Post upright.

In this context, it was agreed, launched and started, the integration of the elta courier (tachymetafores) with the mother company in order to bring economies of scale and coordinated and efficient operation.

For this reason there was no need to change the Administration of elta courier because they would have incorporated in the Hellenic Post. Both the government and the administration, without any explanation, they chose to appoint a new management, let alone they cut off the relationship with the mother company if the Board of the Courier for the first time not represented by ELTA.

The answers were given in the first meeting of the Board and the first decisions of the Administration of elta-courier.

Their aim is to set up a clientelism, the same as in 2000, to exploit the company for partisan and other reasons and deliver its work prey to private interests.

Trait of their character, style and goals is that apart from the hefty salaries of the managers, they agreed to cover the traveling costs for the CEO for his transportations from the company to his home, when the company's headquarters are in Athens and his home in Thessaloniki. He is considered as the most suitable technocrat with the required expertise and experience in business management so as to avoid bankruptcy and failure that forced him to work in Athens while his family and professional obligations lie in Thessaloniki????

The main obstacle in their plans is the employees and the institutional framework that has been developed in the operation of the company. How could they by-pass that?

Following practices of the past, they started proscriptions, persecutions, pressures and workers blackmails, forcing some officials to resign, others to seek their movement and those who didn’t succumb were found with transfers and removals. Currently, in elta courier nobody knows who and where they work, the decisions of the CEO are issued one after the other and one decision negates the previous and next invalidates the cancellation of another.

In violation of the law, they even shifted trade unionists for exercising their trade union duties and condemning the machinations of the administration. The minutes of the tripartite process in the Ministry of Labour, to which our Federation resorted, is a slap in the face for the elta courier’s administration.

Because no one can hide from the truth and reality, today we revealed those that undermined elta courier, who perform "contracts" against the prospect of the company, with the revelation of the "standard error" which excludes the company from the competition the passports’ trafficking.

Right now the situation in elta courier is described by the expression: The joy of the competitors with the subversion, depreciation, dissolution and disorganization of elta courier, the assignment of their work to private interests and the artificial inflation of the deficit, leading the Group of the Hellenic Post to dangerous roads. The administration of Elta courier does not perform its duties, fails to meet its institutional obligations.

With its decision to postpone the date of payroll payment is trying to create the right climate to justify the decisions that turn directly against the company and its employees.

They are pitifully mistaken.

At the same time, the government insists on repeating the same scene for the Hellenic Post’s subsidiary of the Vocational Training Center of the Hellenic Post (hence forward VTC). It insists on appointing a new Board of Directors with high fees when till now VTC is operating with almost zero cost and of course it neither taken into account nor budgeted from the administration fee because until today all duties were exercised by the President and CEO of ELTA gratis.

The question is merciless: With these practices are we going to face the challenges and overcome the crisis?

We answer NO.

The responsibility of those who decided and implemented these policies is enormous.

The Hellenic Post does not stand and employees do not tolerate the repetition of such dangerous policies.

We urge the Government and the parties that support it to immediately stop the attempt of those who, under their commands and surely with their tolerance, violate every democratic ethics, form mal-administrative party machine, violate the institutional framework and proceed to political persecutions of workers who do not surrender to pressures and blackmails, they undermine the prospect of public postal services and handle with opaque and irregular procedures the Hellenic Post’s issues.

We remind to those in charge that the Hellenic Post remains in state ownership and the administrators handle and manage public property.

There is no room for waiting.

There is no tolerance to be shown.

The critical conditions of the country and the postal environment within the frameworks of meritocracy, transparency, democracy and enlisting impose the design and agreement of a policy to be followed in order to ensure the provision of universal postal services to all citizens as well as the sustainability and prospect of the Post.

The workers of the Hellenic Post and their affiliates do not succumb to partisan, political and trade union pressures and blackmails and defend their democratic rights.

We invite the employees throughout the Group of the Hellenic Post not to get disoriented, to continue to support the Post with all their forces, to be signaled by the vision and the goal of the Post’s social contribution and to enlist in the common struggle for the preservation and the prospect of the Public Post.

The Panhellenic Federation of Postal Associations (P.O.S.T.) trough fighting actions will put the brakes on the downhill, will defend the achievements and interests of the employees and will stand up for the perspective of public postal services.