When in June 2010 Greece was becoming the spearhead of the European crisis, by signing the first "Loan Facility", nobody could have imagined, not even the "architects" of austerity policies that our 'journey' was about to become a "journey of despair" that would lead to the impoverishment of the country and the working people.

Nowadays, the failed policies of the unilateral austerity are evident more than ever.

A population which is becoming "prey to the flames", on the altar of large financial interests.

A country, in which measures have led to unprecedented economic contraction, to a point that even the most fanatical supporters, locals and foreigners of this model of fiscal adjustment, begin to admit the mistakes made in the Greek case.

It is painful to complete the journey and the cost that we have already paid and have to pay in the future is huge.

We have exhausted all limits.

It is not enough to design and announce measures when reality shows- according to official surveys-that the recession and austerity have pushed into the social and economic margin one out of two families, that is no longer able to meet its loan and consumer debt needs.

And further on, we have the sad reality, the poverty and hopelessness pictures, scenes like these, which once again have been recorded last week, people with outstretched hands, struggling to have a few vegetables.

Greece 2013, for a food bag…

Beside us, in our neighborhood or a little further, the incidence of poverty has taken the form of a "snowball." The one third of the population is below the poverty line.

And the “enlightened” ones of the IMF to admit that there was a mistake in the multiplier.

The misperceptions of "experts" of IMF are largely responsible for the extent and size of austerity and the deadlock in the country.

It is their mistake that made us a guinea pig.

It is their mistake that impoverished a country.

And how we can correct this error?

By pressing a button on the "magical" Troika’s computer?

No, it can not be done that way, because although they admitted their mistake, they left behind their legacy, their measures.

This is the 'suit' of austerity worn the last four years which has narrowed dangerously.

We cannot take it any more


We do not have any more strength.

The need for structural changes, for interventions that will mitigate the effects of memorandum measures is urgent.

They cannot sit with folded hands anymore, because it will be their own responsibility, rage and anger accumulated which "arm" the hands of immature children and create "terrorists."

And anyway because we can no longer afford the outstretched desperate hands of our hungry fellow citizens…