Dear Colleagues,

While P.O.S.T. is putting up a frontal attack in difficult political and financial circumstances in order to prevent any dismissals in the Hellenic Post, to prevent the Organism’s selling out, to arm our institutional framework, to secure our conquests, for the viability of the Organism, some are still living in the era of secularism and immaturity.

During the last period, more and more appear publications or rumors are disseminated from so called knowing and experts in various matters that concern both the prospect of the Hellenic Post and –mostly- the employees.

The frustration, the insecurity and disappointment of the employees seem to be the main target of those who perversely arrange and distribute the various scenarios.

The on site publication of a trade union party from our sector, titled “Unacceptable and unethical approach to reductions”, created great concern among our colleagues, employees in the Hellenic Post.

The Pan-Hellenic Federation of Postal Associations (P.O.S.T.) wants to inform the employees that the salaries’ cuts can be done in two ways: either by forced laws-as it was done the last two years- or with Collective Labor Agreement.

Therefore, as you can tell, in the controversial Board meeting of Tuesday, 8th January 2013, IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE TO PASS, AND IT DIDN’T, ANY PREAMBLE THAT WILL CONCERN OUR SALARIES REDUCTION.

Dear Colleagues,

The problems are huge and complex both for the employees and the Hellenic Post’s future.

We ask from all the bodies in our trade union to show responsibility, awareness and coiling so as all together to prevent the plans of the Hellenic Post’s depreciation.

We think that, especially in this crucial and difficult era, every effort and approach for temporary partisan benefits through the spreading of false news and creating impressions is at least unacceptable.

Our colleagues in the Hellenic Post have the possibility to get promptly and responsibly informed from the official site of our Federation, our announcements and the Fighter (our magazine) for all the matters to their concern (wages, insurance, labor etc).