The Pan-Hellenic Federation denounces the approach of the Government to subject the Postal Savings Bank in the Financial Stability Fund (FSF).

According to the information received, after the withdrawal of the bids of four stakeholders Banks, National Bank, Eurobank, Alpha Bank and Attica Bank, the Postal Savings Bank splitting into "good" and "bad" banks and its entry to the FSF healthy track is pending until Friday, January 18th.

This is a plan to annihilate the Bank and its employees, as according to the new data at least 430 workers with public contacts will be forced to "retire".

The P.O.S.T. is denouncing the government's plan, which for the sake of serving the interests of big banks and the Troika, proceeds to the dissolution and division of the People's Savings Bank, leading hundreds of workers to unemployment and 72,000 small shareholders, who lose their life savings, to economic misery.

Dear Colleagues,

There is nowhere in the World a private Postal Bank.

We are the only country that will not have a Postal Bank. We have settled our position to fully merge the Hellenic Post with the Postal bank.

The Government implements suicidal policies wanting to get rid of everything that has direct reference to the society.

Today once again we are in solidarity with the struggle of our colleagues in the postal Bank in order to defend their jobs.

We stand in solidarity with the interests of small savers, the small shareholders.

And in any case, the 10% of shares held by the Hellenic Post goes into another database with all that this implies for the financial position and viability of our organization.

The black "holes" are not covered by selling the public wealth.

The Pan-Hellenic Federation of Postal Associations supports the struggle of our fellow workers in the Postal Bank’s 24 hour Pan-Hellenic strike on Wednesday, January 16th, 2013 - and requests the Government to ensure all labor and insurance rights.

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