The Panhellenic Federation of postal Associations (P.O.S.T.) calls for all the employees in the Hellenic Post to massively and fightly participate in the concentration-demonstration of the Postal Bank's workers.

Everybody should meet on monday, 17th of December, at 13:00 in the demonstation that takes place in the Postal Bank's central offices in Pesmazoglou and Stadiou corner.

We unite our voices and strengths with the Postal Bank's colleagues, in order to prevent the Postal Bank's selling out. The Hellenic Post is working together for years with the Postal Bank and provide high quality services in all Greek territory, contributing, in this way, in the true economy and the peripheral development of the country.

Any negative development in the share capital of the Postal Bank will create a problem in our business since we participate with 10%.

Together so as defend the interests of small savers, the small loan takers, the small shareholders, the Greek workers, towards the banking interests and cartels.

Pre-concentration at 12.30 at Apellou street.