In the context of our participation in the struggles and demonstrations towards the Memoranda and the new unjust and exhaustive austerity measures, P.O.S.T. calls for all the postal employees to participate massively:

  • In the pan-labor demonstration of protest, organized today, Monday 8th October, by the General Confederation in Greece, at 6 in the evening in Syntagma square, outside the Ministry of Finance and
  • In view of the tomorrows visit of the chancellor of Germany in Greece, Mrs  Merkel, in the 3 hour (12.00- 15.00) Pan-Attica strike, on Tuesday 9th October and in the Confederation’s demonstration, at 13.00 in Syntagma.

Dear Colleagues,

Together, united, we step up our reaction in order to defend our rights and conquests, to defend our lives and our future.

Together, employees, young people, pensioners, the whole society, we have to form a powerful core of fight and resistance.

We can’t take it any more!

Our course has begun.

The fight is on.

Its road will be long but we will win, we will manage to break our chains.

Our dreams will gain color again!