The Inter-partisan Coordinating Committee of P.O.S.T., continuing its circle of information towards the political parties’ leaders, over the consequences of the privatization of the Hellenic Post, met yesterday with the President of LA.O.S., Mr. G. Karatzaferis, expressing its positions regarding the present and the future of the Hellenic Post. Mr. Karatzaferis agreed with the Committee’s positions, pointing out the fact that “the Postman is alive and ready to give the fight of his life”.

After the meeting, the President of LA.O.S., Mr. G. Karatzaferis and the President of the Pan-Hellenic Federation of Postal Associations, Mr. George Vasilopoulos made the following statements:


George Vasilopoulos, the President of the Pan-Hellenic Federation of Postal Associations

·        We had the opportunity to thoroughly discuss with the President of LA.O.S., Mr. G. Karatzaferis about the Postal issue, which has to do with the fact that the Government announced the complete selling out of shares that the state owns. To us, it appears as a suicidal decision, given the social and financial contribution of the Hellenic Post to our country. And especially in a country that has vast mountainous areas, many inhabited villages and hundreds of islands. We are wondering how anyone can ignore this fact and how these citizens will be serviced, since the State nowadays, through these postal shops, through these rural distributors and the postal agents, intervenes and provides the citizens a few services.

We had a very good conversation with Mt. Karatzaferis and we strongly believe that with the completion of all our contacts with the political parties and the authorities (Mayors, Regional Governors, Deputies) and by revealing the issue to the society, we will manage to convince them why does this government’s policy towards the selling out of the Hellenic Post –let alone the selling of the country’s public wealth-has to change.


The President of LA.O.S., Mr. G. Karatzaferis stated:

·        “The Government considers the postman dead, finished. This is wrong. The postman is “alive” and ready to fight. The postman, not only in Athens, but also in the Periphery, is a state representative. It’s a huge mistake. There are interests hidden and these interests will be revealed. They may be strong and control the “tri-color” government, but they will never be able to control neither the workers’ conscience nor the Greek people. We stand by the Postmen



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