30th of August 2011


The out of the sudden Government’s decision to precipitate the announcement of the Hellenic Post bank for the year 2011, for it to show losses (due to PSI) and the intentional-as it was proven a posteriori- non recapitalization provision, are made so as to be facilitated in the closure of the healthiest bank of the country.

Therefore, the Minister of Finance, as we have been accustomed in similar situations, using the Director of the National Bank of Greece as a Trojan Horse(bait) or –cause we don’t know for sure- the Director of the National Bank of Greece using the Minister of Finance as a Trojan Horse, threw the slogan for the Hellenic Post Bank’s sell out.

The Government’s intentions and plans that imposed the hasty decision to privatize the Hellenic Post are revealed today.

The Hellenic Post Bank is a modern bank, which, in collaboration with the Hellenic Post, supported over the years the economic and social development, reinforced the National Economy, whilst it never charged even with one euro the state budget.

The Hellenic Post Bank is the contemporary bank, on which relies the small saver, the breadwinner, the small professional in the city and the province. It is the bank of the island, the small village and the neighbourhood and has given breath to the citizens while it has developed hope of potential, in the unfriendly economic and social environment of the crisis.

The Hellenic Post and the Hellenic Post Bank, from their establishment till now, providing services in every corner of Greece with their contemporary structures, give a way out to the Greek citizen so as to avoid the traps and the assaults of the profit making bank capital.

The total merger of the Hellenic Post and the Hellenic Post Bank, a formation that exists in most of the countries of the European Union, is the most profitable national, economic and social choice. The policy of depreciations and sell out of those two Organisms is a suicidal one.

The Hellenic Post and Hellenic Post Bank’s employees coordinate their struggle in order to preserve the two Organisms, to defend the rights and hopes of the Greek people.