The President of the Pan-Hellenic Socialist Movement (acronym PASOK) and head of the Democratic Alliance, Mrs Fofi Gennimata, visited yesterday, Tuesday 24 of January 2017, the premises of the Pan-Hellenic Federation of Postal Associations (POST) and was informed by the President of the Federation, George Vasilopoulos and the heads of the parties on the problems that the post is actually facing.

The President of POST illustrated the significance and the key role of the Hellenic Post in the country's public life and expressed his agony for its future, the catastrophic dead ends the Organization is driven to, due to decisions, omissions and choices made by its Administrations and the Government.

On her side of view, the President of PASOK, pointed out the necessity to create a new strategic plan for the development of the Hellenic Post, in order to continue its contribution to the economic, social, cultural and peripheral development of the country.

"The Greek people", she said, "are financed, from the little that they have, all public services and demands that their money have an effect. Unfortunately, the incapacity of the Government drives the Hellenic Post towards a dead-end. As a result, the Hellenic Post marches without a plan, without a strategy, with deficits and big problems.

It is necessary now, before it’s too late, a new strategic plan for the Organization.

The Hellenic Post has to be modernized. New quality services and competition are needed. A new role and a new political view is needed for the public services, which cannot be the fief of the state".

The President of PASOK undertook to reveal the problems of the organization and to take on initiatives towards the direction to solving them.


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