Recruitment in "shadow"


Dear colleagues,

Candidates for positions of responsibility in the ongoing staffing process. Wish you courage!

Courage to all of us to see step by step, day by day, the Administration and "partisan commissioners" to spread darkness and their dubious practices at every level of the Greek Post.

To glide individually and collectively into behavior patterns that only in the history books we thought we would meet.

Unfit to elementary manage the everyday challenges, they don’t even respond to complaints of Associations and the Federation, they only chant something grotesque nonsense through bulletin (god make) of the remaining members of the pro-government trade union faction.

They continue with broken brakes (unharmed?) drifting the Operation into their downhill. Incompetent and indifferent to realize even now the crucial situation.

In the recent past, in the very best conditions and to a lesser degree, similar brutal and flagrant violation of any fraternal ethics and institutional process was attempted by "passersby" of the Hellenic Post, whose only sought was the ephemeral individual interest and the "increase of their clientele "for the start of their political career.

Their self-interest and old vineyard…

The current uproar was not spared, as expected, neither to the staffing process. Despite the bombasts and announcements for new ethics, meritocracy, deep cuts, radical restructuring, etc., the "orchestra" plays one and only tune.

This of the staff’s clientele management.

Without having done nothing about the enterprise, first and foremost the crucial reorganization of the administrative structure and branch networks, the distribution and transmission, they go along with secretive staffing of the existing and de facto obsolete organizational structure.

Certainly they don’t miss to create new Directorates General for the chosen ones, to continue the assignments to their own people and to "forget" the proclamation of those Directorates that are unable to "lay their hands on".

For the first time nominees of the fellow colleagues are held as a closely guarded secret. Nobody (except from themselves and the "chosen ones") knows who is claiming what, who competes, how the applications are managed after they are tabled or what changes are being made due to "guidance" and so on.


Why mysticism?

Why the absolute manipulation of the process and the uneven information of all employees on what is happening?

Certainly it doesn’t serve the transparency and fairness.

It only strengthens the unacceptable bargain pursued awkwardly by the opportunists due to lack of time.

Administrative darkness and moral Erebus.

Nevertheless, murder will out.

Nothing escapes our watchful eyes and everyone will receive the right answers.

Very soon.

There are responsible and responsibilities for what is happening.