There have been various threats and attempts to penalize unionism.

There have been express secondments to the islands due to the hiring freeze and the persistence of certain officials to refuse renewal of employment contracts for office positions, which have led to the devaluation of our Network and the services we offer to the citizens in the most sensitive areas of our country.

There has been a circular by the Personnel Manager, which threatens to transfer our colleagues who have not completed the educational “course” to non-digitized branches or distribution positions.

There have been unprecedented procedures which violate our institutional framework as well as the report by the Legal Council of the State which determines that “the participation of employees to seminars outside their legal working hours, if compulsory, constitutes overtime and should be paid”, given that our colleagues are already exceeding their working hours and are compelled to work extra in the afternoons.  

After this “pogrom”, the Unions of Athens and Piraeus together with P.O.S.T., made it clear to the administrators that they will not tolerate any violation of the institutional framework or any further offense or threat, when the employees are dedicating their free time to the rescue of the Hellenic Post Office. 

During an intervention, the Union representatives distributed a newspaper to the administrative executives (the Hellenic Post Office Executive Board President and Managing Director, the General Directors and other administrative officials), as a symbolic gesture of complaint against the interruption of circulation of newspapers within the Syndicate – a practice which had been established for decades and we thank the administration for this – because it was deemed the appropriate measure to protect us against misleading information.

From our part, we will keep distributing our reliable and reputable newspaper to them, so as to protect them against the vicious cycle of misinformation from other printed materials.