We all know that the problems that the Hellenic Post Office and its employees are facing are of such intensity, that there is no room for complacence nor for experimentation, rash actions, setbacks – and much less for practices reminiscent of past political parties tactics, which have been condemned by the entire Hellenic Post Office workforce.

The Hellenic Post Office Administration, in these times so crucial for the future of the Organization, instead of dealing with its very serious problems, chose to waste time and energy on issues that disrupt its operation and disappoint its employees.

In the middle of the Easter period and during meetings reminiscent of conventicles, disregarding institutional procedures, the Administration made totally irrational decisions regarding interventions in the Hellenic Post Office's operation and personnel issues. Said decisions brought only negative reactions ever since their announcement.

Thus, by inviting us to a pseudo-debate on Holy Thursday and Good Friday, they broke each and every rule of the institutional framework. Their decisions left the Hellenic Post Office network exposed, especially in areas of increased sensitivity, such as the islands and the Attica Basin, where there are undoubtedly huge staffing deficiencies. At the same time, they started allocating positions of authority to their affiliates.

The “grapevine” and the various sidekicks had heralded those decisions in advance but nobody would believe them. The employees were convinced that the Administration would at least show a modicum of seriousness. However, the above decisions confirmed the cloak-and-dagger nature of the deliberations.



We will not allow anyone to destroy the Hellenic Post Office Network and violate our Institutional Framework.

We will do anything to protect both, because they safeguard the interests of the Hellenic Post Office and the rights of its employees.

On Monday 9 May 2016 the Executive Board of the Federation will hold an emergency meeting in order to make the decisions necessary to nip those phenomena of degeneracy in the bud.

We can no more remain mere spectators of a play which is already proving disastrous. The future of the Hellenic Post Office concerns each and every one of its employees.

For your information, we hereby cite the whole text of the letters exchanged between the Managing Director of the Hellenic Post Office and the President of the Federation.


Athens 28 April 2016


Taking into account:

·        The joint agreement between the Hellenic Post Office and P.O.S.T. Federation, dated 14.04.2016, in which both agree that there is a pressing need to start deliberations on restructuring asap and conclude them until 31.05.2016,

·        The fact that the restructuring of the distribution network should be prioritized, given that the relevant deliberations have been concluded and the production services have presented the parameters for the re-organization (see attached documents 1 and 2) and the designing of the production adaptation as a whole, to the company's personnel,

·        The instability and seriousness of the situation that the company is in, which demand that costs such as overtime payments be cut to a minimum if not eliminated, so as to protect the salaries of the entire company workforce,

·        The need for timely programming regarding the 2016 annual leaves in combination with the impending fixed-term employment contracts,

We invite you to the meeting which will take place at the Hellenic Post Executive Board meeting hall on Thursday 05.05.2016. The time will be agreed upon by all interested parties. During the meeting, the time-frame for the implementation of the new restructuring plan – which should be no later than May 31st 2016 – will be finalized.







Ref. No: 83

Athens, 04/05/2016


Mr. Ioannis Zaroliagis, Hellenic Post Office Managing Director


Mr Councilor,

In response to your letter dated April 28th 2016 we declare to you that we do not intend to take part in a pseudo-debate which deals with the urgent problems of the Hellenic Post Office in a way which seems fragmentary, uncoordinated and without any prospect, contrary to what was determined in the last Joint Agreement between the Administration and the Employees, regarding the integral and within a tight time-frame approach of the restructuring plan and the adaptation procedures required for safeguarding the Organization's viability. 

All relevant actions should be part of and should promote the designing of the overall Business Plan, combined with effective measures and policies which can be directly implemented. Within this framework, we were expecting the Administration to propose specific courses of action, which could yield measurable results in the sectors of quality and revenue. We were expecting the Administration to safeguard the Organization's viability and to address problems regarding liquidity. In any case, we were expecting suggestions on how to deal with the serious personnel deficiencies and how to achieve growth, not how to reduce the Organization's activities and limit the Postal Network. 

Furthermore, it is extremely difficult for us to condone the priorities you have set, the choices you have made and the administrative methods you have employed from the very first moment of the few days that you have been at the wheel of this historic public corporation, which are bound to lead to disintegration and cause a disastrous impasse. As a consequence, we do not consider you an objective and well-intentioned party to the discussions.

Mr. Councilor,

In the past, whenever the Hellenic Post Administration was forced to operate under the custody and supervision of extra-institutional factors and compelled to employ backroom managing mechanisms, the Organization itself as well as its employees ended up paying a high price. Those who – without any legal authority – participate in discussions with Hellenic Post executives and repeat – on the Administration's behalf – “commands” and “instructions” to the Organization's officials, are self-interested mercenaries who do nothing but disorganize and disorientate all operations.

In any case, we underline that the institutional administration bears exclusively all administrative, political, penal and civil liability for any breach of the Institutional and Regulatory Framework of the Hellenic Post Office.

We believe that, before initiating discussions on all pressing matters, you should conform with the democratic culture and institutional memory of the Organization, on which you may easily find objective information if you so desire, and properly convince us that you intend to be an objective and reliable interlocutor who prioritizes the interests of the Public Postal Services with the aim to benefit society.

Mr. Councilor,

Despite the fact that we are under extreme time pressure, we must wait until the Administration makes specific proposals and until the necessary conditions that would allow a serious dialogue in an environment of trust are established.

However, since the developments do not allow for complacence, we hereby convene all competent bodies of the movement to meet, in order to make decisions with the aim to come up with and implement solutions to the problems that the Hellenic Post Office as well as its employees are facing.

On behalf of P.O.S.T.'s Executive Board

                   The President                                   The Secretary General

                   Georgios Vassilopoulos                    Ilias Bakellas