74 years after the great strike of April 14th 1942, the Hellenic Post honored, like every year, the “Triatatikoi” fighters, whose brave resistance against fascism set an example to the enslaved nations of Europe and gave them hope.

April 14th 1942 was the date of the first major strike in Europe which was under German rule. The “Triatatikoi” strikers were in the streets for seven days and seven nights, defying death and achieving a great victory, the victory of freedom, which “will be remembered in the years to come...”.

The celebration took place on Thursday 14 April at Kotzia square, in front of the central Post Office, which was the starting point of the strike.

All of us, the Hellenic Post employees, were there, to pay our respects to  those heroes of our country, some of them renowned and others unsung, who fought for their values and achieved greatness. Because WE NEVER FORGET. Because, as the keepers of their achievements, we honor the heroic pages of history written in the blood of those people who sacrificed their lives and bequeathed to us their duties, responsibilities and the power of the example they set.

... Even slaves can fight. And win. Two victories. One of the soul, of freedom. And the other a material victory. And what's most important: all those detained were released and all unfair dismissals were revoked. For seven days and seven nights they were out in the streets. One victory, the first one against the German invaders and their authorities, which will be revered and remembered in the years to come...”

74 years after those events, in Greece of memorandums, in this country of impoverishment, deprivation and unemployment, the significance of those heroic acts is even greater, as they can show us the way to a better future.













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