Athens, 08/ 02/ 2016

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POST member unions


Topic:Presidents Meeting”


Dear Colleagues,


As the developments are fast, we should take action and not stay on the sidelines.


Now is the time to jointly propose a solution for the future of the Hellenic Post Office. All issues regarding its administrative structure, the new business plan, the interventions that need to take place, the costs that must be shared by everyone, will be discussed in detail during our meeting, so that the Organization will start its course towards development and secure its viability, with the further aim to keep on employing personnel and offering its services to society.


For this reason and according to the relevant provisions included in the statute of our Federation, we hereby convene a Meeting of the Presidents of all our member Unions in our country. Because the decisions that need to be made for the future of the Hellenic Post Office are crucial, the General Secretaries, Presidents, Secretaries of Regional branches and other representatives of all the Unions will also be invited to participate in the Meeting.


The Meeting will take place from 15:00 p.m. on February 26th to 15:00 p.m. on February 27th 2016, at Divani Caravel Hotel.

Participants from regions outside Athens will be admitted in the hotel from 12:00 on February 26th 2016.


Transportation and accommodation expenses for participants from regions outside Athens (one night stay) will be covered by POST and will be calculated on the basis of distance. Those expenses will be covered ONLY for the institutional representatives mentioned above.


For budget reasons, the Presidents of Unions from regions in the mainland of Greece (not the islands) are pleased to ensure that all representatives from the same district travel in group (e.g. every vehicle could be shared by four people etc).


Taking into account all the above, you are kindly requested to:

·        inform us on your participation until 15/ 2/ 2016

·         send us your propositions regarding the issues on the agenda mentioned above, as soon as possible.





THE PRESIDENT                                  THE SECRETARY GENERAL