Dear Colleagues,

          We denounce the unprovoked attack against people, institutions as well as the Organization itself by certain individuals who choose to hide behind aliases while seeking to create an environment of suspicion and mistrust by employing underworld methods and using “masked men” as their instruments.

          We are referring to one specific e-mail from an unknown sender who uses the alias “ZENO THE POSTMAN”, which was sent massively on November 12th 2014 to the Post Office employees' work e-mail accounts and which mentions by name various colleagues of ours, candidates for Managerial positions, “selecting” them for special posts of great responsibility and “linking” them to political parties and trade unions, thus damaging their reputation and breaking – in the most disgraceful and inflammatory way – every rule of morality and dignity.

          We demand from the Administration to suspend immediately any further action concerning the current staffing procedure as well as to take all available legal measures, in order to reveal the identities of the instigators and the perpetrators of this offensive act and to bring them to justice.

          We inform every involved and interested party that the Organization's staffing procedure is conducted according to the staffing system recently agreed on between the Administration and POST, which will be observed to the letter.

          From our part, we immediately called an emergency meeting of POST's Executive Committee and instructed our legal consultant to take all necessary legal steps.

          This is the last drop!

          Those responsible will be revealed, will answer to justice and will suffer the consequences of their actions.