POST's 33rd Convention concluded with a unanimous resolution of the Hellenic Post employees.

          We hereby present the text of our Convention's resolution:


          During POST's 33rd Convention, which took place from 29 October to 1 November 2014, elected representatives from all over Greece expressing the views of all Hellenic Post employees, joined forces and drew up our strategy for the future.

          We expressed unanimously our total opposition to the policies that are being applied and promoted, which are against the people, the labor movement and social insurance and which aim primarily to abolish all vested rights of the Greek people and workforce.

          In this tragic period for our country, in conditions of social cannibalism and despite various attacks by the most ruthless anti-working class interests, our organized movement remains committed to offering the Hellenic Post employees more and better services and is still acknowledged by them as the vehicle of expression of their views.

          We promise that, through coordinated discussions, clear and unambiguous political positions and consistent and effective action, we will keep on providing answers to the challenges of our times, to support in any legal way the demands of the employees and to promote the policies that represent them.

          We are true to our values, our history and our fights.

          We fight for:

- Democracy and free collective negotiations

- Redistribution of income through a fair tax system

- Realistic and just economic policies

- The right to work

- Work security and stability

- Equal labor and insurance rights for everybody

- Protection and reinforcement of our movement

          We say NO to:

- The taxation tsunami and the continuous economic measures that suffocate middle and low income classes

- The sell-out of public property

- The privatization of the Hellenic Post, the Hellenic Post courier service and all other enterprises of the public sector

- The degradation of postal services

- The Dark Ages of the labor landscape

- The thwarting and abolition of collective negotiations and agreements

- New cuts in salaries

- Redundancy, voluntary or not

- Layoffs

          Our aims:

- To reinforce the Hellenic Post's leading role on a national and regional level

- The viability and growth of Greek post offices

- To modernize the Hellenic Post and connect it with international networks in a profitable and developmental way

- To transform the Hellenic Post into the Bank of the People, which will contribute to the recovery of the economy, mainly on a regional level

- To start immediately the implementation of works funded by the NSRF (since the relevant deadlines are fast approaching) and to ensure that it will continue in the next programme period (after 2015)

- To preserve the national network, universal service and the social character of the Hellenic Post

- The immediate payment of the compensation for the universal service

- The immediate payment of claims against the Greek State

- The direct and consistent control of lawlessness and unfair competition in the Greek postal services market by the competent authorities

- Compliance with the legal and institutional framework of the Organization

- The enhancement of support and solidarity towards our colleagues and their families

- The signing of a new collective labor agreement (C.L.A.)

- The prompt merger of the Hellenic Post with the Organization's courier services

- The utilization of all possible means in order to recoup the Organization's constantly decreasing income

- The boosting of the services offered by the Hellenic Post

- The restitution of the damages suffered by the Hellenic Post from the 10% deletion of the Postal Savings Bank shares

- To utilize, improve and develop the Organization's human resources to the fullest possible extent

- All staff hirings for special and seasonal needs of the Hellenic Post to be decided by the Executive Committee of the Supreme Council for Civil Personnel Selection and to include relevant costs in the respective budget

- All available posts to be filled immediately by hiring permanent and full-time personnel through Supreme Council for Civil Personnel Selection procedures

- The issuing of ministerial orders and regulations for the completion of the postal services legal framework which was established by Law 4053/2012.

The Greek Post Offices were, are and will remain indissolubly linked to our country and its economy, to Greek society, to each and every Greek citizen.

Our movement guarantees it!

All of us together, with knowledge, vision, unity and organization, will achieve our goals.

All of us together will fight and win!